Axie Infinity
General information about Axie infinity
Axie Infinity describes itself as a Pokémon-inspired gaming environment where anybody may earn tokens via expert gaming and ecosystem contributions. Players may fight, gather, grow, and establish a land-based kingdom for their pets in the game.
Axie Infinity has grown to become the most popular decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain in less than two years, with 1.8 million daily active users and a total transaction volume of more than $2 billion, more than any other NFT project.

The economy of Axie Infinity is entirely controlled by the players. The developers of the game focus on growing the player-to-player economy rather than selling game items or copies.
The in-game economy revolves around two tokens;
  • AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) - an ERC-20 governance token for the Axie Universe.
  • SLP (Smooth Love Potion) - An ERC-20 utility token that can be earned by playing the game. SLP can be used to breed new Axies.
The current in-game activities are the following;
  • Battle: In the current battle form, Axies can battle against each other to level up and evolve earning SLP after winning battles.
  • Breeding: Players can use SLP to breed new Axies that can later be used in battles or to generate profit by selling them on the marketplace.
  • Land: Homes and bases for all Axies, which can be upgraded over time using a variety of resources and crafting ingredients. Land owners can create their own games on these land plots.
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