Token model
Axieconomy token (BEP-20) is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain Network. It is a governance token which supports and fuels both the play-to-earn models and the Axieconomy Ecosystem.
Key features
  • Trade tax: For every buy- and sell investors and traders need to pay 10% tax in total. As a decentralized collaborative, this tax revenue will both benefit the ecosystem of Axieconomy as well as the token holders supporting it. From every trade 5% will be distributed to the AI-vault and holders receive 5% in SLP-tokens.
The tax is the most important feature of the Axieconomy contract. The tax fuels the AI-vault which is beneficial for participants. The continuous capital flows into the AI-vault creates a compounding effect.
  • Governance: The token enables a governance structure where holders can submit proposals and vote in the Axieconomy DAO. During each treasury period, project proposals are submitted, discussed, and voted for.
  • Axiecapital: The Axiecapital is the Venture Entity of Axieconomy. Axiecapital supports and invest in innovative, revolutionairy start-up blockchain-games.
    Only holders are egible to join the Axiecapital. More on that will follow later.
Token type
Total supply
Initial Circulating Supply
Initial Marketcap
Fully Diluted Marketcap
Token Distribution
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