Players management
Axieconomy has the ambition to become the biggest scholarship provider. To achieve this, the organization of Axieconomy requires an efficient and transparant management structure, which includes a strict policy consisting of clear and transparant terms and conditions.
Axieconomy stands for transparency and structure. To realise this, all Axieconomy holders can participate in the governance portal.
Terms and conditions have been established for scholars and investors so that they all conform to the same standards. Scholars must comply with the established standard, set by Axieconomy.
Employment contract
Axieconomy's scholars need to sign a formal contract. We believes that this will lead to higher engagement and better performance.
Managers from Axieconomy receive a monthly bonus for monitoring the results from every scholar, coaching and handling requests.
All sections are given the exact same in-game assets to manage. The game machanics and new updates changes the meta within time which can lead to underperforming teams. With Axieconomy's section structure, compositions can be detected faster and changed if necessary.
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