Axieconomy Introduction
Welcome to Axieconomy- a community controlled and decentralized collaborative with decision-making mechanisms for sustainable funding. Axieconomy aims to be the number one scholarship provider which support the play-to-earn models and their ecosystems.
Axie Infinity is our first operation which introduced the first play-to-earn model in 2018 which made a tremendous entrance in the Blockchain space, with almost 2 million active daily users and over 1 million Ethereum in sales.
Our ambition with Axieconomy reaches much further- our platform acts as the instrument for different parties which benefits investors, gamers and play-to-earn projects. Axieconomy generate revenue from existing play-to-earn models and in-game assets with the aim of strengthening their ecosystems.
Our goal is to introduce anyone with the reward system from these play-to-earn models which is for the best interest for investors without the need of research, playing or setting up any account. And for gamers, Axieconomy will offer the most in-game competitive assets.
In other words, Axieconomy bridges the gap between investors, gamers and education
Last modified 8mo ago
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